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Graduate Testimonials

The residency at Winchester Medical Center prepared me for my future career by allowing me to be autonomous in my practicing as a pharmacist. I learn best by doing and felt I was in the right place to allow me to do so. Additionally, this program was very flexible in meeting my needs as a resident with great interest in Critical Care by allowing me to mold my schedule and condense rotations towards the later part of the year so I could get as much exposure in Critical Care under the guidance of preceptors before I entered the job field on my own. The mentorship that I developed with some of the preceptors truly guided me to getting to this very spot. Without their dedication to myself as a resident and helping me navigate the stages of residency into the job market, I truly do not believe I would be where I am today without them. The mentorship and friendships are lifelong, and pharmacy is a small world so it is truly special. No place or hospital is perfect. This is something I have learned but I do feel WMC has the tools and strength of tailoring the program to meet the needs of it’s residents to help prepare them for whatever next step is to come for them which cannot be said for all residencies. If you are uncertain whether after a PGY-1 you want to pursue a PGY-2 then yes. WMC has the foundation to successfully prepare you for the clinical pharmacist role.” – Kelly Gray, Pharm.D.Graduating class of 2020, Critical Care Clinical Pharmacist at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Northampton, MA

“I initially heard about Valley Health from a close friend who had finished her PGY1 residency training there a few years before I applied. She spoke very highly of the program so I decided to apply. WMC helped me in multiple ways. The flexibility to adjust my rotation schedule to fit my interests – even when they changed – was probably the most beneficial aspect of my residency experience. My interest in internal medicine was further solidified when I was able to take multiple rotations in that area to strengthen my clinical skills. This continues to help me in my current role as an internal medicine clinical pharmacist. The teaching certificate program also prepared me well for my current faculty position. The preceptors were vested in my success. I have multiple examples of this. I had a preceptor once stay back after a work day to help me with ideas for my residency project. Another preceptor was kind enough to share her board certification study materials with me. Over and over again, the preceptors showed exemplary leadership, preceptorship, and dedication to my residency class. I highly recommend WMC because of the variety of rotations available that provide a comprehensive, well-rounded PGY1 residency year. “ - Olajumoke Amuwo, Pharm.D., MPH, Graduating Class of 2019, Roosevelt University College of Health, Sciences, and Pharmacy- Assistant Professor of Clinical Science and Internal Medicine Clinical Pharmacist at Sinai, Chicago IL

I chose Winchester Medical Center for my residency because I was impressed by the breadth of rotations offered and the ability to interact with a variety of patient populations. I also felt that the preceptors and staff were very warm and inviting during the interview and this held true throughout my residency year. My experiences during residency prepared me for my career because I was trained to become an independent practitioner. Not only did my clinical knowledge grow, but I also learned valuable communication and leadership skills that now help me in my day to day life.” – Molly Rincavage, Pharm.D., Graduating Class of 2018, Staff Pharmacist, Winchester Medical Center, Winchester VA

Winchester Medical Center has a great PGY-1 pharmacy residency program. Advantages to the program involve the opportunity to practice independently, contribute to the antimicrobial stewardship program, become a preceptor for Shenandoah University students, and obtain a teaching certificate. I was also able to gain experience in the neonatal and adult intensive care units, which helped prepare me to care for patients of all ages. Additionally, I appreciated the opportunities to collaborate with the other Shenandoah University-affiliated residents. I can truly say that I felt more prepared to work as a clinical pharmacist after graduating the program. The preceptors and staff were receptive to any issues I had and helped to prepare me for the career I have today.” – David Parker, Pharm.D., Graduating Class of 2018, Clinical Staff Pharmacist, UPMC Pinnacle, Harrisburg, PA

Winchester Medical Center, and particularly the pharmacy department, is always looking for ways to advance services and improve patient care. The pharmacy residents are able to play a big role in achieving this goal through their involvement in medical services and research. Another feature somewhat unique to WMC is the large hospital setting without what some may consider the overwhelming feeling of an academic medical center and large class of residents. I would recommend this residency to other students because it is not just something to put on a resume and it is not just a year of working harder than you thought possible. It is a chance to explore your interests, make professional connections, and decide on the career path that will be most fulfilling for you. The preceptors recognize this and strive to provide residents with experiences that will help them meet their goals.” – Joe D’Astoli, Pharm.D., BCPS, Graduating Class of 2017, Clinical Staff Pharmacist, Winchester Medical Center, Winchester, VA