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Surgical Care Close to Home: Meet Javeed Khan, MD, Surgeon at Hampshire Memorial Hospital

Surgical Care Close to Home: Meet Javeed Khan, MD, Surgeon at Hampshire Memorial Hospital

You may know that Valley Health’s Winchester Medical Center is a Level 2 Trauma Center, and offers advanced surgical care services through providers at its Heart & Vascular Center, Cancer Center and other centers of excellence. But did you know that local residents can also find quality surgical care, close to home, right here in Romney?

General surgeon Javeed Khan, MD, recently joined the Hampshire Memorial Hospital (HMH) team and enjoys being able to resolve his patients’ medical problems through surgery. He offers many procedures locally at HMH.

“I love the fact that patients get better with surgical treatment and do not have to worry if their appendicitis or cholecystitis might come back,” Dr. Khan says.

Dr. Khan joined the HMH surgical team in December, and his arrival continues Valley Health‘s tradition of offering exceptional local surgical care for patients in Romney and surrounding areas in West Virginia.

“I am able to perform many types of surgery, including laparoscopic options, so patients often don’t have to stay overnight in the hospital. Now they can get surgical care close to home.”

Dr. Khan began his medical journey as a child in India. “Where I grew up, education is priority #1, and parents offer two career options for their children: engineer or doctor,” he continues. “I chose medicine, and when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and I had my first encounter with her surgical team, I knew then I wanted to be a surgeon.”

Patients are currently being referred to Dr. Khan, and he is glad he can care for them locally. “Just last week, one patient told me he was grateful he didn’t have to travel to get care.”

Dr. Khan sees patients at Hampshire Memorial Hospital Multispecialty Clinic; call 304-822-2164 for more information or an appointment.

Other surgical services offered at Hampshire Memorial Hospital include:

  • Gynecology -- Karen E. Wade, MD (diagnostic hysteroscopy, D&C, endometrial ablation, LEEP, laparoscopic tubal ligation and hysterectomy)
  • Orthopedics -- Joseph Hahn, MD (outpatient fracture management of upper and lower extremities, arthroscopic procedures, total arthroplasty, minor ankle, arm, hand, knee, foot, and wrist procedures, and joint injections)
  • Podiatry -- Matthew Polk, DPM (foot and ankle surgeries)