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Spring Into a New Wellness Routine

Spring Into a New Wellness Routine

The changing season and warmer weather is motivating for a refresh in your fitness routine. Use these three tips to maximize your wellness for spring.

Find new ways to workout

Warmer weather means that you can take your workout outside. Incorporate running, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities into your routine. Group exercises classes are a fun and effective way to add variety to your workout. Pool workouts and personal training are also options to consider that will give you great results.

Enjoy seasonal produce

Your diet is an important part of your health and fitness routine, and spring brings new and fresh produce to create healthy meals. Strawberries for example, has its peak season from April until June and makes a sweet addition to breakfast (Light, 2016). Asparagus has its peak season from March through June and is a good source of iron, vitamins B and C (Light, 2016). Visit your local farmer’s market to explore healthy and seasonal produce to add variety to your meals.

Reward yourself

Treat yourself to a sweet and healthy snack or a full body massage after your workout. Plan an outing with friends or enjoy your favorite book or TV show immediately after your workout. This will motivate you to complete your workouts by giving you something to look forward to after you leave the gym.

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