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New Year, New Way to Manage Your Diabetes

Written by: Stacy Dugan, RD and Ann Williams, RN, Certified Diabetes Educator, from the Valley Health War Memorial Hospital Diabetes Management Program

It’s a New Year and Valley Health is here to help you find new ways to manage your diabetes through education, carbohydrate counting and goal setting.

We offer comprehensive diabetes management classes at all of our hospitals. These programs place an emphasis on meal planning and healthier choices.

We know that carbohydrate counting can be a challenge when you’re trying to control your blood sugar. But everyone seems to know that white bread raises blood sugar. At War Memorial Hospital, this inspired us to make sliced bread the poster child of allowed carbs. And it works!

Every meal and snack is turned into bread slices. One slice of bread equals 15 grams of carbohydrate equals one total carbohydrate. Most people in the War Memorial Hospital Diabetes Management program are shocked to discover their favorite pasta dish turns into 10 to 15 slices of bread. No one with diabetes would ever eat 10 to 15 slices of bread. Suddenly carb counting is easy and you are then better able to manage your diabetes.

We also encourage patients to set smart, achievable goals. Tiny, healthy steps can have a big impact in bettering your overall health and diabetes.

Valley Health is here to help you manage your diabetes and live healthier. Participation in Valley Health’s Diabetes Management Program requires a referral from your physician. Ask your health care provider whether it would be a good resource to help you manage your diabetes. Call any of our locations below for more information:

  • Hampshire Memorial Hospital - 304-822-2198
  • Page Memorial Hospital - 540-843-4523
  • Shenandoah Memorial Hospital - 540-459-1252
  • War Memorial Hospital - 304-258-6519
  • Warren Memorial Hospital - 540-636-0310
  • Winchester Medical Center - 540-536-5108