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More than Weight-Loss: Bariatric Surgery Helps Treat Disease

More than Weight-Loss: Bariatric Surgery Helps Treat Disease

A recent New York Times article studied the evidence supporting bariatric surgery or weight-loss surgery as a safe, appropriate tool when other weight loss efforts don’t work.

For many years, the media has been catching up with the ever-evolving body of evidence showing the many benefits that metabolic & bariatric surgery can have on individuals with a high BMI and other obesity-related diseases, most notably, Type 2 Diabetes.

In 2016 the American Diabetes Association issued new standards supporting the role of Metabolic Surgery in Diabetes treatment

One long-term study tracked 400 people with type 2 diabetes. Six years after bariatric surgery, 62% showed no signs of diabetes. They also had better blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels.

The New York Times touched on this very important finding in its article titled Why Weight Loss Surgery Works When Diets Don’t.

“Equally important are the undeniable medical benefits of surgically induced weight loss. They include normalizing blood sugar, blood pressure and blood lipid levels and curing sleep apnea. Although bariatric surgery cannot cure Type 2 diabetes, it nearly always puts the disease into remission and slows or prevents the life-threatening damage it can cause to the heart and blood vessels.”

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