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Shalini Reddy MD

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Shalini R. Reddy, MD

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  • Cardiothoracic Surgery (Board Certified)
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4.8 out of 5 (176 Ratings, 26 comments)
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400 Campus Blvd, Suite 210
Winchester, VA 22601
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Phone (540) 536-3470

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    Dr. Reddy's primary office is located within the Valley Health Cancer Center on the campus of Winchester Medical Center.

    If you have an appointment with Dr. Reddy, please visit the Valley Health Cancer Center on the campus of Winchester Medical Center, 400 Campus Boulevard, Suite 210, Winchester, VA 22601.

    Areas of Interest

    Esophageal Cancer

    Esophageal Surgery

    Lung Cancer

    Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery

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    Primary Office

    400 Campus Blvd, Suite 210
    Winchester, VA 22601
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    (540) 536-3470

    (540) 536-3471

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  • 4.8 out of 5 (176 Ratings )


    Thank you for the opportunity to tell you this. They... as being an RN... and those would be most special people I have ever been around, and when I was telling my family this, they said they had never been around people like those either. So the best bunch of nurses and doctors that I have ever been around and I've been around quite a few in my lifetime. So, thank you.
    Excellent service.
    This is the best experience I've ever had at a doctor's office.
    This provider has made me feel that I've been given a second chance on life. I was on the phone with a girlfriend in Georgia. And I told her before she makes any medical decision if she's thinking of something to do with her lungs to call me, come see me, stay, and let me introduce her to this doctor. Or have this doctor recommend someone in Georgia. And today at the wellness center in Martinsburg. I was discussing her and two people asked how to spell her name because they intend to look into her. She is a
    The office staff messed up our appointment. We have a confirmation, and we were there at the time we were supposed to be. But we were not in the books, and we had a confirmation from the office as the time to show up. We were worked in, but there was an office mix up. Also we had a call from the same office for a service that we did not request for, something that you know was not related to the patient. So the office staff leaves something to be desired the doctor is excellent, but the staff. I wouldn't re
    Yes, I just wanted to say Dr. Reddy is an awesome doctor. I love her and she is very kind and courteous to the to me and she is really concerned with my health and I just love her for that. Thank you, Dr. Reddy.
    I thought that my visit was absolutely perfect. Everyone was wonderful.
    Dr. Reddy was delightful. I know that's an odd word considering the circumstances.
    Dr. Reddy and her staff were very thoughtful and they're very nice, and very experienced and couldn't found a better doctor and I would recommend her to family and friends. We really appreciate it. And staff. Thank you.
    The medical field could do with more staff and medical personnel as you have there at your oncology office any fear I had they totally did away with. They made me feel good and lifted my morale. Thanks a bunch to everybody.
    Everybody was very friendly and nice.
    Any questions that were left unanswered were my fault because I did not ask I think there was sort of an assumption of my understanding more than I did understand so it's the ball it's in my lap not hers I found the doctor to be very professional and helpful that's it.
    I appreciate being treated with compassion and respect
    Arrive early so that you can find the appropriate office.
    She was very nice and respectful of my feelings
    Dr. Reddy saw how concerned we were, she treated myself and my wife with care and understanding. She explained the surgery and process, and made us feel that are concerns are important.Dr. Reddy was compassionate and caring and I feel totally at ease in her care.
    She was very knowledgeable, patient, listened to my concerns and came very highly recommended.
    Understanding, knowledgeable, courteous very capable doctor.
    Very friendly.
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