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John C Quinn MD

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John C. Quinn, MD

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  • Cardiology
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4.9 out of 5 (95 Ratings, 20 comments)
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    Board Certified in Cardiovascular Disease

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    759 S. Main Street
    Woodstock, VA 22664
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    (540) 459-1383

    (540) 459-1382

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  • 4.9 out of 5 (95 Ratings )


    He's a very good doctor and I'd like to have them for as long as I can have him. He's wonderful. Just need more like him.
    It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Quinn. His knowledge and expertise were above reproach. He spent adequate time with me to make sure I understood every aspect of my current condition.
    My questions were answered clearly and test results were explained in terms I understood.
    I can count on Dr. Quinn to be there for me and take the time to answer my questions.
    Were they all like John Quinn
    I have seen this provider for over 40 years and have had the same experience and results. This provider is the best!
    Dr. Quinn is exceptional and his staff is absolutely wonderful. They could not be more helpful and just not in the least bit condescending or anything like that. I'm 77 years old and they treat me absolutely beautiful. I love going to see him. I always am very comfortable talking with him about anything and he, he just, he's a very, very dear man and an exceptional doctor as far as I'm concerned and I wouldn't change anything about his office or his staff or anyone involved with him. And that's all I have t
    The registration downstairs needs to be made more clear. I had to go to the front desk and ask if I had to register before I went upstairs only because I remembered doing that 2 years prior so it's a little confusing that you have to register downstairs and and you need to have bigger or more clear signs as to where the registration desk is.
    Nothing at this time,, however do not send these survey's to my cell phone and use my minutes the next time you do we are going to have a problem
    I was very pleased with the time and concern of all who had a part in my visit. Thank you for a great job, well done!
    Seemed to know what I need except you give me 6 months to wait but I'm doing pretty well I guess, thank you.
    Dr Quinn is Absolutely GREAT!!!!!
    If you had all your providers like Dr. Quinn and his staff you would never have any complaints or problems. No better than Dr. Quinn and his staff.
    I was very very pleased with how I was treated by the doctor and the other helpers there. He impressed me, especially because he had gone back over my records and had discovered several things that I had never been told before about the heart situation and everything and, and he was he was very very wonderful with explaining everything and going into great detail with us, and we'd appreciated it so very very much and we would are looking forward to seeing him again. Thank you very much for your interest.
    This doctor listened and helped me with all of my concerns and told me what to do so that I can get better when I come back in three months and I thank him for it.
    I like that the cardiologist gave us printouts of the information regarding the heart condition that we could take home and read and it talked about all the medicines we might need. I really liked that. Thank you.
    The appointment and office were very compassionate. The doctor is thorough. I really appreciate his courtesy and patience.
    Dr. Quinn is a good doctor, after seeing him over 10 years ago he seemed just as interested in my health as he was then
    You may share my comments I gave before on this questionnaire.
    Can't say enough good things about John Quinn M.D.
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