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Chris Que MD

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Chris Que, MD

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  • Internal Medicine (Board Certified)
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4.7 out of 5 (440 Ratings, 54 comments)
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1000 Tavern Rd., Suite 100
Martinsburg, WV 25401
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Phone (681) 247-1080

Fax (681) 247-1081

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    1000 Tavern Rd., Suite 100
    Martinsburg, WV 25401
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    (681) 247-1080

    (681) 247-1081

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  • 4.7 out of 5 (440 Ratings )


    Any time my husband or I have went to this Doctor we have been given the best of care both Dr Que and the nurses spend time with you and answer any questions you may have.
    They continue to make it easy to return to Dr's for check ups.
    Dr. Que did not even make eye contact with me. He didn't really listen to my concerns. He was quick to put in a prescription and get out the door.
    Oh, you did excellent and they were very polite me and I if had a question that I didn't quite understand then they would explain it to me.
    It was a great visit thank you
    I have constantly tried talking to this doctor about my feet, and he has send.....wanted to send me to a dermatologist, when this is definitely a podiatrist or surgical issue that's been going on for a very long time. My friend, who's also been..... has issues with weight and other medical issues, he's constantly wanting her to go through bariatric surgery, which this Surgical Center in Winchester is out of the plan. He doesn't seem to listen to what we're trying to tell him and yet, he doesn't want to work
    I think that Dr.Que A very caring doctor and yes I would recommend him and the staff was very kind and friendly and help me with a lot and yes I would recommend him
    Valley Health is a newcomer to my healthcare effort. Dr. Que and his staff have, for the past ten years, been the mainstay of that effort and the central coordinating point for treatment of the several ailments that plague me. If they were not the top notch, 10-point team that they are, I wouldn't be among their clients, customers, patients, whatever. Don't ask again.My opinion will not change. No matter whose system they join.
    Service was excellent
    Everyone was very friendly and helpful and the dr listened to me and answered my questions and when he didn't know the answer he said he didn't know and referred me to someone who could.
    Yes, I saw Dr. Que, nd he was right on time, and I was on time, and he did everything, he listened to me, I listened to him, but the only problem is not with him, it's with the DEA. I have a very bad back, chronic back pain, the discs are going. I have stenosis and 2 or 3 other different things, plus I have droplets, and my pain management let me loose, because I missed a couple appointments, and I couldn't get up, a ride, or drive. So they let me...said I was no in compliance with what they...their laws ar
    I couldn't be happier with Chris Que and staff as my pc doctor's office.
    It was a very pleasant visit.
    Yes, you guys was very helpful very nice and friendly, and... I had no issues at all with coming there and I would highly recommend you guys. You did good... good work. And I appreciated it all. Thank you.
    I've been going to Dr. Que for about 10 years now and I have no complaints whatsoever about treatment that I was given while seeing him.
    Dr. Que has always treated us with respect. He is a doctor that cares about his patients. The staff there is very friendly and respectful. I love that office
    I'm very happy with all staff there.
    I felt the artificial bird noises in the background could be eliminated with no problems. That's all, thanks.
    Dr. Que and staff are very attentive and I will retain them as my medical provider.
    Dr. Q and his staff very, very good and kind people. They always ask me questions if I have any concerns, they're very helpful in setting up appointments and helping me out. I love it there. Very good service.
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