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Susan C Moose DO

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Susan C. Moose, DO

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  • Internal Medicine (Board Certified)
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4.9 out of 5 (347 Ratings, 43 comments)
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    759 South Main Street
    Woodstock, VA 22664
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    (540) 459-1383

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    759 South Main Street
    Woodstock, VA 22664
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    (540) 459-1285

    (540) 459-1274

  • 4.9 out of 5 (347 Ratings )


    Very professional and friendly experience. Dr Moose is particularly interested in my health issues and makes me feel like I am her most important patient which I'm sure she does with all her patients.
    This is the best doctor and physicians office I've been to.
    Great visit
    I had an appoint time and it was met as set up.The experience was excellent and much improved from previous appointments.It was clear that the effort was there to make my visit a good one.
    I was told to be at the "registration desk by 8:30 for my 8:45 appointment. I did that and was greeted warmly and directed to the third floor. The elevator opened and I walked into a completely empty waiting area. There was no one there to greet me...for a moment I was unsure if I had made an error. Finally another patient appeared and I found I was at the. Correct office. I don't recall seeing a sign that actually identified the office and the receptionist's "window" had the blind closed. Is
    Dr. Moose is the best doctor I have ever seen. I'm truly blessed to have her as my doctor.
    All people in this office are always polite and professional
    When I got... when I went there, they wanted me to take a shot and I took a shot in my on swelled up and I called back and nobody ever responded. That's the only complaint I have, but it's okay now.
    Dr. Moose is always very thorough and patient. Good listener.
    Been using this hospital all my life and always good care and respect.
    The check in procedure is somewhat confusing. You sign a roster in the lobby if the three (3) receptionist are busy. You then proceed to the 3rd floor to see your doctor. On the 3rd floor they knew I had signed the lobby sign in roster but nothing else, I was not in the COMPUTER. When I left I asked one of the three receptionist why had I, at first, not been in the computer she said I was suppose to check in with them. It did not to do both, sign the roster AND check in with the receptionist BEFORE going to
    I just want to say that I love Dr. Susan Moose in Woodstock, and I am so glad I transferred all my medical records up there to her. She has been a lifesaver to me. I really like her like all the office people and I'm just happy to be in Woodstock. Thank you.
    I do not like the new administrative changes. I liked having a receptionist in my doctors office that I could ask quick questions of or get clarification on non-medical issues. I also do not like the painfully long and somewhat confusing phone tree. It was much nicer when I could call the office and speak to the receptionist. With the exception of actually seeing the doctor, everything else is very cookie cutter. What was once a very friendly atmosphere has now become quite impersonal. Sometimes new isn't b
    Great people great doctor
    the doctor listened to my concerns and gave me clear answers
    The check-in downstairs takes way too long and you're constantly asking the exact same questions about being out of the country or having kidney disease or colon problems. I think there needs to be a way to streamline that.
    Very pleased with Dr. Susan Moose. The best primary care doctor I have ever had. Her listening to me means so much. I am never rushed out and she truly cares about any concerns I have.
    Very professional and courteous staff.
    My appointment was for 60 minutes. The physician understandably arrived 20 minutes late and only gave me 40 minutes of her time, although it was quality time I still did not get my full 60 minutes and I had a few things I could have discussed with her in more detail. End.
    I am speaking on behalf of my husband. We have to say that Dr. Moose tries everything possible and suggests everything that could possibly make him feel better, as he has Parkinson's, amongst other conditions. Where is she? Oh, she's, would you believe her. Is that here.
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