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Stephen Miller, MD

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  • General Surgery (Board Certified)
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4.8 out of 5 (147 Ratings, 22 comments)
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    • Anorectal Disease

    • Breast Surgery

    • Colon Cancer

    • Endoscopic Surgery

    • Gallbladder Disease

    • Gastroesophogeal Reflux / GERD

    • Hemorrhoids

    • Hernia

    • Laparoscopic Surgery

    • Minor Surgery

    • Trauma

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    759 S. Main Street
    Woodstock, VA 22664
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  • 4.8 out of 5 (147 Ratings )


    Everyone was very friendly and efficient!
    Very pleased with my first visit with Dr.Miller
    Do not like self check in, is this a way to get rid of employees?
    The process of getting to the provider is HORRIBLE. It is the same with getting to my Doctor's office too. Down stairs is confusing with checking in - I refuse to use the computer. There is nothing "human" to the whole experience and no one I talk to likes it. Waiting areas are barren and boring. Who is interested in the weather channel? Nothing to read or look at. Nothing to even confirm you are in the right place! Health is a "human business" and all human has been removed. Please fix.
    Everything went really well.
    was pleased'
    I don't really have anything to capare my visit to, because it's the first hospitalization/surgery in over 30 years. But I had absolutely no complaints and would eagerly recommend Valley Health, and Dr. Miller, wholeheartedly.
    I was treated with respect and gotten done what needed to be done and take care of and they're going to operate on the 19th and yeah, it was just a good experience and it feels good after living in Virginia Beach for 8 years and dealing with some people that I dealt with down there. This was just excellent.
    Dr. Miller was exceptional in explaining things for my daughter while we were both in the appointment. I loved the fact that he was very thorough in making sure that she understands what was going on, as well as myself.
    Hey from the doctors and all the nurses. Everybody was was great. They're a 10 all the way, again. Very good. Thanks.
    Yeah, the providers all in a team effort was the best that ever received in a long long time. I would recommend them to friends and family at any time. Thank you.
    I had a very great experience from everything from parking my truck to the time I got in the building when I walked up to the information counter. There was a bunch of older people there, I guess you can say volunteers and they weren't very nice and ... or to everybody else either by the way, and I found that kind of rude and obnoxious but everything else from the - from doing my insurance all way to the doctor's office was a great experience and that was a great building. The only thing I had a problem wit
    It was an excellent first experience with this facility. Everything was done promptly and efficiently in check in. Dr Miller provided excellent care and advice. Everyone was courteous, pleasant and respectful.
    I requested that my husband go back with me. I knew he could not be present for the procedure but I needed his support until then. I am not very happy with your policy. I was in your ER last year. Not a pleasant experience. They would not allow my husband in at the beginning. Everything would have gone so much more smoothly if he had been there. I thought the patient came first at your hospital?
    I was treated very well. Everything was explained to me. Everybody checked on me. I was in there and taken care of quickly. The surgery went well, and the whole staff was great, and I really appreciate it and I would be more than happy to tell everyone about.
    Everyone is really nice here. And I really like Dr Miller
    Everybody was very helpful and very courteous. I was very pleased with the performance. Thank you.
    I was completely amazed at how well I was treated and this is by every single person in that office. I am very proud to say this doctor will be performing my surgery, and that this office will be my "go to" when and if needed. Things were explained to me so very well and they left me absolutely nothing to question in their explanations.
    I was seen ahead of my schedule time and that is not the norm when you wish a doctor office.
    Thank you
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