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Anita Minghini MD

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Anita Minghini, MD

Primary Specialties
  • Breast Surgery
  • General Surgery (Board Certified)
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  • Winchester Medical Center
4.9 out of 5 (399 Ratings, 62 comments)
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Valley Health Breast Center

400 Campus Boulevard, Suite 220
Winchester, VA 22601
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    Benign Breast Disease
    Breast Cancer
    Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping

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    Valley Health Breast Center

    400 Campus Boulevard, Suite 220
    Winchester, VA 22601
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  • 4.9 out of 5 (399 Ratings )


    The doctor and her entire staff are very polite, professional and compassionate.
    No problems with this doctor!
    Extremely helpful, informative, and friendly.
    Excellent service and all were professional in their jobs. Thank you all for caring about me.
    I trust Dr. Minghini entirely, I am so happy that I have her as a doctor.
    Efficient, pleasant office staff and environment.
    I would recommend the Valley Health Breast Center to anyone that needed it. And I have never had anything but the best service and I am very grateful for the Valley Health breast cancer center. Thank you.
    Dr. Minghini is an expert in her field. She is knowledgeable and has a wonderful manner with patients. I respect her very much.
    I guess change isn't easy for me and I felt shocked and upset when I got a call within a few hours of my mammogram asking me to come two days later instead of the prescheduled appointment which was 3 weeks later. From this call I got the impression that Dr. M thought a biopsy may be needed and that it must be urgent which was not an impression I had gotten from the radiologist. Dr. Minghini explained to me that some people get upset about having to wait a full 3 weeks and then perhaps having to wait again t
    Doctor M and her staff has always been extremely kind and caring. If only all doctors and their staff treated their patients as well or even half as well as they do this world would be a much better place. They are the best!!! They are also extremely efficient too!
    For my condition, I believe it was about as positive a secular experience as I could expect.
    Yes, I always like it when I can get into my appointment on time and I don't have to wait too long. And this is definitely an office that I can always depend upon me getting to be seen at the right time and I do have expert service when I'm in their office and that I would definitely rate them a 10 all the way. I certainly do love Dr. Minghini and her staff.
    Dr Minghini was absolutely wonderful! Her and the staff were very kind and caring, they all made me feel comfortable and welcome.
    It was my first time visiting the office. Very positive experience.
    I even feel this is hard at this time. Why would a person be put through this suvey when they have just been told they have cancer? Maybe this is an everyday thing to the medical staff but not to me. I have been through a lot this year, illness, stress, sick pets and a husband who is moody now cancer. I am not having a pitty party I am just in a state of shock. The time at the doctor’s office was so sterile. It was a lot of information to digest and I feel like I just can’t wrap my mind around anything. The
    Everyone was friendly and the visit was extremely thorough!!!
    Yes, Dr. Minghini's office is always very kind, they also go the extra mile by calling patients to tell them that the mammogram results were negative, and so not having to wait for the letter or waiting for it to come up online is such a blessing, and I know that's very labor-intensive, but I really do appreciate that. Thank you.
    I'd just like to say that this is my second time around with Dr. Minghini, and nothing has changed as far as with her or her office staff. She and her office staff treated myself and my family with a lot of care and compassion, and it makes me feel, in my family, that we know that we are in good hands with her and also with her staff. And I know if there's any questions or concerns that we have, we know that we can depend on her, Dr. Minghini, to answer our questions and be there if we need her and I defini
    Dr. Minghini is amazing, and Valley Health is blessed to have her.
    The customer service in this office is excellent from receptionist to nurse to doctor to bookkeeping!
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