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William Dressler, MD

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  • Family Medicine (Board Certified)
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  • Shenandoah Memorial Hospital
4.7 out of 5 (127 Ratings, 19 comments)
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    Residency – West Virginia University
    Medical School – West Virginia University, School of Medicine

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    33674 Old Valley Pike
    Strasburg, VA 22657
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    (540) 459-1410

    (540) 465-5008

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  • 4.7 out of 5 (127 Ratings )


    Yes, I went in there because I was bleeding by the stool, and he didn't seem to really take concern about it too much. He seemed like he's in a hurry, the nurse gave me a shot for a tetanus shot, which made my whole body ache for 4 days - I called the next day after she gave me the shot, nobody returned my call - and they didn't even call for the follow up. I was supposed to go back in there a week, nobody even called to see if I was coming back. So no, I'm not going back there again. Thank you.
    I am never ill so needed to find a doctor and was very pleased with my decision. Glad to see our Strasburg office grow like this. Made a great choice!!!
    I am not an easy patient. It was difficult to lose my former doctor because we had a rapport and she understood my need to have control and respect for my naturalistic health care tendencies, yet she guided me through several surgeries. I feel this doctor is understanding of my "white coat syndrome" and anxiety.
    glad to have a provider close by and willing to care for medicare patient
    Dr. Dressler is a very nice gentleman and a very good physician. He listened to me about my concerns, and even though This was our first meeting, he was aware of my medical history. I was very comfortable and at ease with him. His exam was very thorough. The staff were friendly and polite, yet still professional. I am so glad I chose this office as my Family Physician.
    Very clean and bright, good location easy to get too.
    The provider didn't know my medical history because this was my first visit in order to set up him as my primary physician moving forward.
    Extremely long appointment was at 3:00 o'clock, and didn't see the doctor until 4:00 o' time is valuable also, especially when I have a disabled husband at home.
    I just want to say that it was an excellent doctor's office. The receptionist, the nurses, and the doctor was absolutely excellent. In 48 years, I have never experienced a great doctor's office like I did. The one here in Strasburg, and I just want to say thank you so much. The doctor I've seen was Dr. Dressler. He was awesome, and he understood everything. He was kind of a grandfather figure to me, which I totally respected and he made me feel calm and relaxed and I didn't have to feel stressed out. It was
    Forgot me in my room and forgot my flu shot
    Since I was seeing a new doctor I was very satisfied with my first visit.
    Having been a patient with Jennifer Tuara for 16 years and Gale Hatchins about 6 months, my present doctor is Dr. Dressler. Very understanding, understood everything I was asking and couldn't ask for a better provider. Thank you.
    The Dr. Dressler was very good. I felt comfortable with him. He was older and I liked to that he seemed to have knowledge of things and I like to that. The office to me was improved with Dr. Dressler there.
    My appointment was at 4 o'clock. I was not seen to a little after 5. I was not happy.
    I waited about 40 minutes in the room. That's my only concern. 40 minutes before the doctor came in. Thank you.
    We were very impressed with the physician's encounter with... with myself today, or the day that we visited. He was very thorough very continual and... he took a great interest in the problems that we had.
    I really liked him. He really explained everything. We went over about everything that I could think of. And I'm so glad that he come to Strasburg, and I was just more pickle, because I was coming to Winchester and somebody told me that he had came up here, because I had somebody else in that office that I did not like.
    I was very happy with the level of care that I received at this office. I am somewhat concerned that the billing will be done inaccurately though because it was supposed to be a well visit for bio-metric screening with my. At the request of my insurance company. So I'm waiting to see how the billing is going to be done and processed, even though I had said several times with the visit was for. Otherwise, I was very happy with the service that I received at the office and I did like the provider very much ev
    Dr. Dressler is an accomplished physician not only in the field of medicine but in demeanor. He knows how to relate to patients and their interests and concerns. Old School and darn good at it. The nurse, was 1'st class and kept the atmosphere of the visit jovial, clearly a plus! The administrative staff were accomplished and fun to interact with. The staff member who took my blood is quite an asset and made the visit well worth the trip!
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