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Phuong Dinh, MD

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4.7 out of 5 (252 Ratings, 26 comments)
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  • 4.7 out of 5 (252 Ratings )


    Dr. Dinh is just incredibly fabulous. She's one of the best doctors that I've ever encountered. She is absolutely wonderful and you're lucky to have her.
    Always get ready audio interpreter for me.
    Dr.Dinh is a great doctor
    The wait time is not improving! (Both in the waiting room & in the exam room)
    Very time efficient visit.
    Very professional and caring with my visit. No complainants.
    Lab phlebotomist took my blood and labeled and didnt ask my name or birthdate. I then said, "are you sure you have the correct labels?" She said, "oh yeah, (calling other person by name who was helping her) she ran them off for me." Then after a moment she read the labels to me giving my name and birthdate."
    Only problem is doing blood work prior to the visit. Use to be able to go early in morning to multi specialty clinic. Now have to go to hospital lab at greater expense.
    Please don't send so many messages about my upcoming appointment with my doctor! It bordered on ridiculous.
    I was a little disappointed in the kind of attitude of the doctor. That that was probably my major concern with her. She was knowledgeable, showed expertise and explained things well, but yeah just seemed to have kind of a blah day. I don't know anyway, but that was my one complaint, but the rest was very very good service is always I've had over there. Thanks.
    The doctor is a good doctor, but I had to wait for 45 minutes back in the, in the room I was there to get to see her, to me this takes too long. Just sitting and waiting on the doctor to come in when you have an appointment for 6 months at a time. You should not have to sit and wait that long. My time is just as valuable as a doctors. In fact, I have to take off work to go to a doctor. So in fact, it actually cost me to see the doctor and my time wise... She is very good doctor, but y'all need to do somethi
    The receptionists, nurses and Doctors have always treated me well especially my regular nurse who i have known for years. The only complaint I have at this time is this, I called for an appointment with my regular family Dr. Brooke Miller and was told that she was all booked up and it would be 3 weeks before I could be seen. This is unacceptable to me as you should be able to see your regular care giver in a reasonable time frame.
    Such a great staff.
    If the person I saw was a MD her appearance was not what I would expect to see in a Doctor. I am from the Old School and I like to see professional attire. she seemed to know what my problem was and treated it as I expected. Everyone was very nice and helpful.
    She really listened and gave me feed back.
    Dr. Dinh is great! All the staff was super friendly.
    Good afternoon. If I have to come back, I would like to have the same providers that they did the very fairly and satisfactory and if I'd have to come back, I'd like to have the same kind of staff and respectful treatment that they gave, so I pray you have a good afternoon. Farewell.
    I hope Dr Dinh will be my Dr the rest of my life, she is wonderful
    We want to say Dr. Dinh is the best doctor we've ever had over there. She takes her time with you, she listens and she explains things to detail. She's wonderful. She's the best doctor ever over there in that place and I hope she doesn't leave.
    Yes, I was at the emergency room at Page Memorial Hospital. I was limping bad in extremely pain in my back. I was limping in my leg. I was like given no blood work. I was not given the x-rays. It was just a guess that it was my spinal stenosis and fibromyalgia, of course, I could have guessed that but that's all they said and they did give me a couple pills that I pick up when it gets at severe for it's a medicine that has for information in my body.And I was a little disappointed cause I had no blood work
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