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Jennifer D Cunningham MD

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Jennifer D. Cunningham, MD

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  • Family Medicine (Board Certified)
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4.8 out of 5 (264 Ratings, 44 comments)
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    5173 N. Main Street
    Mount Jackson, VA 22842
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    (540) 459-1350

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  • 4.8 out of 5 (264 Ratings )


    It's very hard to get a hold of anybody on the phone. You have so many things that shuffle everybody around. It is very difficult to talk to a nurse, number one, and number two, have them call you back and to talk to speak with the doctor, especially on the weekends.
    Need more personnel. They being down one medical physician is causing the office to slow down a bit. But still a great family doctors office
    Always feel very happy after my visit good Dr.and great staff.
    Had a long wait, almost 2 hours to see the doctor, but I I like the doctor and she got over booked. So I understand that but I hope that's not a a practice every time I go but I have nothing bad to say about any of them.
    Everyone was courteous and answered all my questions sufficiently. Make my visit a pleasant one.
    Dr. Ciunningham is a great health care provider.
    Thank you!
    The whole staff was so nice and made me feel very welcome. This was my first visit. Needless to say, i found my new doctors office.
    There is always a delay with the nurse. Calling me back. And this support staff, they're kind of they're not real professional. They don't get back with you in a timely manner. I always have to call them again.
    Dr. Cunningham and her staff are on top of things. They are very nice. We just really enjoy our visits there.
    This was my first visit with this physician. I was completely satisfied with the service I received. She was very thorough when examining me and definitely spent time evaluating my health issues. I am so satisfied to find a doctor that seemed to care!
    Other than what I have already noted ..there isn't anything to add at this point as I have only been to this provider once. I appreciated my visit with her and staff. It was nice to have a check up for a change!
    Love the doctor hate the wait
    Dr. Cunningham treated me like a person not just another patient. She showed a lot of concern and even brought out a smile when i was feeling horrible. That got me an appointment the day i called and the staff treated me with the same care and respect. Very thankful to hace them as my family doctor office.
    I have always had a great experience with the Dr. and staff at Family Medicine Mt. Jackson. From receptionists, nurses, doctors, just everybody, just great and caring folks.
    My appointment was at 945. I wasn't taken back and seen until sometime after 1040. My experience was good, I just wish my appointment time was more accurate so the wait wasn't so long. During the wait people in the waiting area actually got up and left!
    Receptionists were very friendly and courteous, both are assets to the office. The nurse taking my health history was friendly and professional. Dr. Cunningham exceeded my hopes. Took time to talk with me and answer my questions. Overall, I could not be more pleased with choosing this clinic and would encourage anyone seeking a family physician to visit this clinic.
    My provider Dr. Cunningham is wonderful. She does a super job. My issue is, no matter when I schedule an appointment, it's always 45 minutes waiting in the lobby before I get in to see the doctor. And when I was trying to out process I couldn't make up make my follow up appointment because they were so far behind and I was pressed to get to another appointment. And this happens every time. It's always 40 ... 30 to 45 minutes behind. I don't understand it. Thank you.
    I usually have a very hundred percent visit at the office, but this time I had two prescriptions and needed to be called in as refills, and when I went to pick them up they were not there, they had not been called in. I do not know why I have not followed up on it yet. That's the only thing that I had to say about it.
    No problem getting an appointment. Staff was friendly, courteous, and efficient. Thank you.
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