Youth Activities
Valley Health is a committed to improving the health of young people in the Northern Shenandoah Valley through clinical services, health promotion, education, training, and more. 

Camp SuperKids 
Camp SuperKids is a 3-day sumer experience for kids with asthma.

Community Safety Fair 
Sponsored by Winchester Medical Center and the Winchester Police Department, the Community Safety Fair is a free event held each fall that offers hands-on learning about smart choices and safe habits for the whole family. 

Camp Follow the Leader 
Follow the Leader is a unique summer day camp for children ages 5-10 who have physical and/or developmental challenges. 

ImPACT™ (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is a program for the athletic programs at John Handley, James Wood, Millbrook, Sherando, Clarke County, Skyline, Warren County, Central, Stonewall Jackson and Strasburg high schools. If a student athlete is injured and concussion is suspected, the test is retaken to compare with that student's baseline results. This objective tool is shared with the student's doctor to help determine when return to play is safe. 

Project Stamina 
STAMINA (Students Taking Action Making Improvements in Nutrition and Activity) integrates physical activity and nutrition to motivate kids to make lifestyle changes to stay healthy.

Pediatric Rehabilitation 
Physical, occupational, and speech therapies can help your child realize his or her full potential. Our staff of therapists works individually with each child and family to improve motor skills, strength, coordination, and visual-motor abilities. We also strive to improve your child’s self-help and daily living skills.

Teddy’s Tour 
To help younger patients feel more comfortable and less anxious about a hospital stay, the we've created “Teddy’s Tour,” a DVD that is available for families to view prior to coming to the hospital. 

Valley Health also offers a wide variety of education for kids focused on career exploration in the health professions.

Junior Volunteer Program
(for high school students)
Junior Volunteer programs are currently available at Winchester Medical Center and Warren Memorial Hospital providing the youth of our community the opportunity to explore medical careers. The Junior Volunteer program begins in June and ends on Labor Day of each year. This is for youth who can commit 50 hours of volunteer service, who are still in high school. Applications include a health screening and TB test. Interviews will be conducted during May followed with an orientation. Applications are available in The Volunteer office February 14th to May 1st, or click here.
  • Medical Explorer Post 109 - If you have an interest in exploring a career in the health and medical field, then Post 109 would like for you to join them. Some of the areas that you will be exposed to are Surgical Tech Program, Nursing Careers, Pharmacy, Emergency Medicine, Rehab, Respiratory Services, Radiology Tech School, and Cardiac Cath Lab. Post 109 is for boys and girls ages 14 to 20 with an interest in a medical career. For information, please contact Dee Holsinger at 540-536-8156 or Bryan Lloyd at 540-662-2551.
Medical Careers Exploration (for children in middle school)
Several Valley Health facilities offer summer youth day camps, some for middle school and some for high school age youth. The purpose of the day camps is to explore a variety of health professions and introduce regional youth to the healthcare environment.
  • Camp WMC—Where Medical Careers Begin - A 4-day middle school day camp for rising 6th-9th graders designed for up to 20 youth. Through fun and interactive activities, camp participants will explore many parts of the Medical Center, visit the nursing skills labs and the cadaver lab at Shenandoah University, learn some basic clinical skills such as hand washing, giving an injection, and starting an IV. The camp week culminates in a celebration party showcasing the participants and their activities. Cost is $175 For more information, contact camp WMC coordinator Lisa Zerull Next Camp WMC-- July 23-26, 2013.
  • Medical Careers Investigations at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital (MCIS) - Students will learn CPR, how to start an IV, how to give an injection, explore an ambulance, ‘dressing’ for the OR, and how to use surgical instruments. Snacks are provided along the way to keep them going all day long. For more information please call 540-459-1220. Camp is held mid-summer and dates vary year to years.
  • Camp M*E*D. (Mentoring Everyone’s Dreams) I at Warren Memorial Hospital - This is a fun, interactive learning experience for rising eighth and ninth graders, in hopes they will consider a career in healthcare. Activities include culturing germs from door handles and cell phones, suturing a pig’s foot and a “Diaper Dynamo” race. This camp is usually held the first week following the end of the school year. The camp is free, but space is limited.
Medical Careers Exploration (for high school students)
High school students are actively making decisions about future careers and selecting vocational or academic programs of study. In some cases, a student is interested in a health career, but needs additional information about specific health professions. Educational opportunities for observation experiences as well as participation in healthcare programs in the healthcare setting can be arranged with advance notice and when students meet all of the requirements to safely enter the healthcare environment.
  • Camp WMC2—Exploring Wonderful Medical Careers (rising 10-12 graders) - A 3-day high school day camp designed for up to 14 youth who have the desire to enter specific health professions. The camp offers group activities, an optional overnight ‘patient’ experience in the hospital, and shadowing health professionals based upon their profession of interest. For example, a student interested in pharmacy may shadow a pharmacist in the settings of retail and inpatient. Cost $175 Next Camp WMC2-- June 19-21, 2013 For more information, contact camp WMC coordinator Lisa Zerull  
  • Camp M*E*D (Mentoring Everyone’s Dreams) II at Warren Memorial Hospital - Building on the experiences of the previous year’s camp, graduates of Camp M*E*D. I (now rising ninth and tenth graders) return to shadow staff in three areas of particular interest to them. One day is spent doing hands on learning activities in a clinical training lab. Returning campers usually attend the second week after the school year ends. Both camps are free, but space is limited.
  • Come Explore the Health Professions (for grades 10 - 12) - This event offers hands-on activities and the opportunity to speak with Valley Health professionals and regional colleges & universities. What do healthcare professionals do? Why do people choose careers such as nursing or pharmacy? In what areas can healthcare professionals practice? Next Come Explore event is Thursday, October 10, 2013. For more information, contact coordinator Lisa Zerull