What to Expect
The care provided by Valley Health Home Health Services is physician directed, meaning that your physician will determine whether you can benefit from the services of a home health nurse, therapist or patient care tech. Our agency will work with your physician to determine the appropriate type and frequency of home health visits. 

If you are being discharged from a hospital your initial visit will be set-up by your hospital case manager/social worker and will usually be within 24 hours of discharge. If you are being referred by a physician’s office typically a staff person from that office handles the necessary details. 

Once home health care has been ordered you will be assigned to one of our home health case managers who will coordinate the care you receive from our team of nurses, therapists and patient care techs. This case manager will be a contact person for you while receiving home health services. 
You will be contacted by a home health nurse or therapist to schedule a time for the initial visit. As with all future home health visits, you will receive a call either the night before or the morning of your visit, and be given an estimated arrival time frame. Please do not hesitate to tell the nurse or therapist if the suggested time is not convenient for you. 

The initial home health visit could take up to 2 hours depending on your needs. All subsequent visits usually last about 1 hour. You will be asked to have your hospital discharge instructions available, as well as your insurance card and ALL of your medication bottles (prescription and non-prescription). You will also be asked for a list of health problems, allergies and the names of emergency contacts. 

The home health nurse/therapist will enter all of this information into their computer and will also ask you some general questions about your health and lifestyle. They will ask you to walk a few feet (if possible), and they will perform a full body assessment including taking your vital signs, listening to your lung sounds, looking at the soles of your feet and checking your skin for breakdown/sores/cuts/bruises. Pictures will be taken of any wounds requiring dressing changes by Home Health. 

During your home health visits you will be provided education regarding the disease process, your medications and possible side effects, diet, and safety. Depending on your health status one or more of the following monitoring systems may be recommended for you: 
  • Telehealth: monitors vital signs including blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation level, weight, and blood glucose. 
  • Coagucheck: checks INR level for individuals taking the medication Coumadin and provides immediate results. 
  • Home Health Connect: an electronic device which can summon help for emergencies and non-emergencies. 
Your home health team will provide any education needed regarding these monitoring systems. 

During the initial visit the nurse or therapist will review the proposed home health plan of care including the number and frequency of home health visits along with the anticipated day of the next visit. A home health nurse or therapist will contact you either the night before or the morning of your next scheduled visit to confirm your availability and provide an estimated arrival time frame.