Total Joint Exercises
Exercises for Total Joint Replacement Surgery 
It is important to be as fit as possible before your hip replacement or knee replacement surgery. This will make your recovery much easier. Valley Health offers an eight-week Fit for Surgery program to help people prepare for surgery. Click here for more information, and discuss the program with your doctor. 

Before Surgery 
A therapist may assess your preoperative condition and review exercises for you to do before surgery, so that you are better prepared to recover after surgery. 

The exercises in these videos have been selected to increase strength and movement before joint replacement surgery. You should perform them daily unless it is too painful. 


After Surgery 
Exercise is essential for a complete recovery from total joint replacement. Your therapist will assist you with the exercises immediately following surgery. As strength increases, you will need less help. When you get home, your coach will continue to assist you with the home exercise program as needed. You will have outpatient therapy or in-home therapy to accelerate your progress. 

You should perform the exercises in these videos 3-4 times a day. You should expect to have pain while doing the exercises. Taking your pain medication regularly and performing the exercises when the pain medication is most effective will make exercising more tolerable. 

These exercises are helpful after either knee replacement or hip replacement surgery: 

After knee replacement surgery: 

After hip replacement surgery: