Only one out of ten people who have neck and back pain need surgery.

The spine surgeons at Winchester Medical Center (WMC) have the knowledge and experience for diagnosis and treatment of spine pathologies. Comprehensive spine care can range from non-surgical treatments, such as physical therapy, chiropractic, or pain management to minimally invasive, and if warranted, more involved surgical procedures. 

The  collaborative WMC spine team includes neurosurgeons from Virginia Brain and Spine and an orthopedic surgeon at Winchester Orthopaedic Associates, who provide total spine care and participate in clinical research trials for collection of pertinent spine data and to establish best practices. 

All surgeons that perform spine surgery at Winchester Medical Center are trained in new minimally invasive techniques including the extreme lateral interbody fusion (XLIF), which offers spinal surgery without making an incision in the patient's back. Spine services include treatment for: 

• Cervical and lumbar stenosis 
• Disc herniations and disc replacement 
• Spine trauma and stabilization 
• Spine and spinal cord tumors 
• Congenital spinal disorders in adults 

What is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery? 


Minimally invasive techniques minimize surgical trauma to the patient while accomplishing the desired goal of the least invasive surgery possible, while providing the safest and most effective results. In recent years, minimally invasive techniques have changed the face of spine surgery and ultimately the patient’s recovery. 
Minimally invasive spine surgery offers the same post-surgical benefits as traditional spine surgery--but with much less trauma: 

• Smaller incision, using an endoscope minimizing disruption of spinal muscles 
• Use of a microscope limiting damage to supporting structures 
• Decreased pain and scarring that can develop after post surgery 
• Reduced anesthesia during procedure, reducing related complications 
• Reduced length of hospital stays, enabling many patients to go home the same day after endoscopic 
   spine surgery

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