The Neuroscience Center at Winchester Medical Center is actively involved in clinical research trials that may lead to development of future treatment options for patients with neurological and neurosurgical disorders. The history of participation in clinical research trials began with the enrollment of some of the first patients with stroke in the United States for the administration of the “clot buster” drug tissue plasminogen activator (tPA). As a result of the success of this clinical trial, tPA is the only FDA approved treatment today for patients with acute stroke significantly improving the quality of life after stroke for many people. Our commitment to research for new and improved treatments for patient with neurological conditions continues. 

Our commitment to quality care is also evident by our participation in the National Neurosurgery Quality and Outcomes Database (N2QOD). This nationwide effort to collect data on safety, quality and cost-effectiveness in neurosurgery has been touted as a pioneering effort to improve surgical care for patients requiring neurosurgery. The data collected in this effort will be utilized to establish quality and performance benchmarks that will guide the diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients in the future. 

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