Care After a Hospital Stay (Post-Acute)

When we talk about post-acute care, we’re referring to medical, nursing, therapy and other related health services provided immediately after a hospital stay. Valley Health offers several types of post-acute care.



Outpatient Therapy

Home Care


Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation

Winchester Rehabilitation Center


Skilled Care

A skilled care unit or facility offers inpatient care for people who need skilled nursing such as sterile wound care or IV antibiotics on a daily basis, as well as physical, occupational and/or speech therapy. A skilled care admission is typically a short-term stay, followed by discharge home or to another level of care.


            Transitional Care

Four Valley Health hospitals may use their beds as needed to provide either acute care or short-term skilled care after a hospitalization for patients who are expected to be discharged home.


Hampshire Memorial Hospital

Page Memorial Hospital

Shenandoah Memorial Hospital

War Memorial Hospital


Lynn Care Center and Hampshire Memorial Hospital Extended Care Unit

Warren Memorial Hospital’s Lynn Care Center and Hampshire Memorial Hospital's Extended Care Unit provide short-term skilled care as well as long-term care.


Long-Term Care