National Youth Pitching Survey

Created by American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine

Sponsored by Valley Health Orthopedic Services



Principle – Dr. James W. Larson, III

Co-Investigators – Dr. O. Winston Cameron, Dr. Thomas Wise, Dr. Doug Duncan


Breaking Balls and Breaking Down: Young ball players may be throwing too hard, too much, too early and without rest.


Survey Criteria: Pitched in the last 12 months, ages 12-18. 


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“Information from the professional pitchers’ survey indicates that a pitcher does not need to throw a breaking ball before age 12 to have a successful career. In fact, this data suggests that delaying the use of the breaking ball until a later age may help protect the young arm against future injury, and promote optimal development of pitching skill and strength.”

– Joseph B. Chandler, M.D., Director of Medical Services, Atlanta Braves