Healthier, together.
Healthier, together.” reflects what Valley Health stands for. It reflects our commitment to wellness and preventive care. It also speaks to our collaborative efforts in the community to improve both the physical and fiscal health of our region.
The community is healthier because of Valley Health – we provide exceptional services that allow people to stay close to home for health care.
Community organizations are healthier because of Valley Health – every year we contribute both human and financial resources to help support clinical educational programs, health departments, and access to care for those who cannot afford it.
Valley Health is healthier because of the network of facilities and services that comprise our system – Valley Health has invested in facilities, services and programs across the region that, together, allow us to meet the health needs of the community.
Valley Health is healthier because of its community partners – we partner with other community organizations to achieve our shared goals.
The regional economy is healthier because of Valley Health – we are not only a great health care provider for the community, but we are also a major employer; as a non-profit health system, we continually reinvest money back into people, programs, services and facilities, as well as into the community; similarly, our employees reinvest the money they earn into other community businesses, such as restaurants, car dealerships, grocery stores and coffee shops. Truly, we are, Healthier, together.
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