Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation is a medically supervised exercise and education program designed to optimize the physical, psychological and social function of individuals who have heart and/or lung problems.

People of all ages who have a heart condition or lung disease can benefit from a cardiopulmonary rehab program.

Below is a list of the most common diagnoses eligible for Cardiopulmonary Rehab. Ask your Physician if this program is appropriate for you.

Cardiac Rehab

Pulmonary Rehab

Heart Attack


Bypass Surgery / Valve repair or replacement


Coronary Artery Stenting

Interstitial Lung Disease

Heart Transplant

Lung Transplant

Stable Angina (chest pain)


Components of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Medical Evaluation
: All participants will receive a medical evaluation to assess your needs and limitations. This information will help the staff tailor and exercise prescription to your specific needs. During the exercise sessions you may work with an exercise physiologist, nurse, respiratory therapist or a cardiac technician. Through this continuous evaluation process, you will learn how to evaluate your level of activity.

Physician Prescribed Exercise: Patients enrolled in this monitored exercise program require an order from their physician. Staff will monitor your heart rate and rhythm throughout the entire exercise session. Staff will also monitor oxygen levels for pulmonary patients. This type of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation is covered by Medicare and most private insurance companies.

Counseling and Education: Classes are available to help you understand your condition and how to manage it. Our multidisciplinary team will help you create a heart healthy diet and help you understand how your medications work to improve your heart. Education classes are offered on a weekly basis.

Graduation: When you have completed the monitored portion of the program you will be given the opportunity to continue your exercise on a non-monitored, self pay basis. 

In the News
In 2010, the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program at Winchester Medical Center received certification from the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACPR). All of Valley Health’s rehabilitation programs focus on national standards of excellence in order to provide the best care possible for all our patients.

Valley Health offers cardiopulmonary rehabilitation at the following locations:
Page Memorial in Luray, VA 540-843-4577
Shenandoah Memorial in Woodstock, VA 540-459-1148
War Memorial in Berkeley Springs, WV 304-258-6577
Warren Memorial in Front Royal, VA 540-636-0279
Winchester Medical Center in Winchester, VA 540-536-8188 .