Valley Medical Transport

Ambulance & Wheelchair Van Transports

Since its formation in 1988, Valley Medical Transport (VMT) has grown into a regional medical transport system geared toward meeting the needs of a wide range of patients as well as the requirements of healthcare providers such as hospitals, physicians and nursing homes.

VMT serves a broad area, which includes seventeen counties in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. From stations strategically located throughout the region, Valley Medical Transport is able to quickly and efficiently responds to requests for medical transports. Requests for services are coordinated from the Central Dispatch Center located in Winchester, Virginia.

Your Guide to Speedy Transports

Medical Expertise You Can Trust

An experienced staff, which includes ACLS EMT/paramedics, ACLS EMT/cardiac technicians and EMT/basic technicians, have years of training allowing patients to receive the required individualized attention. VMT works closely with each patient’s healthcare providers and family members to ensure there is no interruption to the patient’s care when it becomes necessary to travel by ambulance or wheelchair van.

Insurance Coverage

Valley Medical Transport’s ambulance services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most major health insurance carriers if the transport is medically necessary.

Medical necessity for ambulance transportation is determined by the insurance carrier based on the patient’s medical condition, as documented by the ambulance service. Even transports ordered by a physician or other healthcare providers are reviewed by the insurance company for medical necessity to determine whether the transport will be covered. Transports for the convenience of the patient, family or physician are usually not covered.

Wheelchair van transports are normally covered by state Medicaid programs, but are not usually covered by Medicare or commercial insurance.

The professional billing staff is available to answer any questions. VMT will bill up to two insurance carriers for qualifying services. Billing inquiries can be made to 540-536-3386 or 866-524-8401.

24-hour Dispatch Center: 540-536-0082 or 800-776-4067.

Valley Medical Transport Service Area

Stations in:

Cumberland, MD
Keyser, WV
Martinsburg, WV
Winchester, VA

Mailing Address:
Valley Medical Transport
190 Prosperity Drive, Suite 4, Winchester, Virginia 22602