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An Overview of Fitness
Better Sit-Ups
Exercise Rules for Seniors
Getting the Most From Your Workout
Keeping the End in Mind
Start Moving
Tips for a Trimmer You
A Better Abs Workout
Exercise Intensity
Exercise Need Not Be Difficult
Exercising in Form
Family Fitness
Go for the Variety
Going for Variety
How to Find Time to Exercise
How to Lift Weights Safely
Illness Should Mean No Exercise
Keep on Walking
Keeping Hydrated
Moderate Workout Better
Striding Forward
Taking That First Step
Tips to Become More Active
To Work Safely in the Garden
Varying Your Workout
Workout Motivation
Exercise Helps in Bone Development
Programs & Services in Luray

Wellness Programs*

Wellness classes and programs are held either at Page Memorial Hospital or in our Outpatient Rehabilitation & Fitness Services facility located at 12 East Luray Shopping Center.

• Health education
• Nutrition education
• Tobacco cessation
• Weight loss programs

Click on the links above or check the calendar for current events and programs. Events are free of charge unless indicated. Registration is required three days in advance for most classes. To learn more about our wellness services in Luray and throughout the Valley Health service area, call 540-459-1110 or 800-662-7831.

Fitness Services*

Our fitness program is located at 12 East Luray Shopping Center, with our outpatient rehabilitation services.

• Personalized workout consultation
• Instruction and personal training
Fit for Surgery

To learn more about our fitness services in Luray,
click here or call 540-743-9988.

*Wellness and Fitness classes, programs and services are available to participants over the age of 13 years unless designated otherwise.