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What Do You Know About Mammograms?

Test your knowledge of what steps to take to catch breast cancer in the early stages.

1. To get a quality mammogram, make sure the facility has which of these?
2. Which of these should you bring with you if you start going somewhere else for mammograms?
3. If you are at average risk for breast cancer, at what age should you have a baseline mammogram?
4. Which of these shouldn't you use on the day you go for a mammogram?
5. Mammograms most often detect breast cancer in which age group?
6. What kind of diagnostic test is done if a screening mammogram shows an area that needs closer examination?
7. Digital mammography is computer-based. How does it compare to a standard X-ray mammogram?
Mammography Screening at Valley Health

The American Cancer Society recommends annual screening using mammography for all women beginning at age 40. The American College of Radiology supports this view with information that shows the mortality rate of breast cancer has decreased by 30 percent since the onset of scheduled yearly mammography screening that began in 1990.

Valley Health offers leading-edge digital mammography at each of its six locations in northwest Virginia and neighboring West Virginia. To schedule your mammogram, call the facility that is most convenient for you.

Mammography Phone Numbers

Hampshire Memorial Hospital  304-822-4561
Page Memorial Hospital  540-743-4561
Shenandoah Memorial Hospital  540-459-1207
War Memorial Hospital  304-258-6508
Warren Memorial Hospital  540-636-0250
Winchester Medical Center  540-536-8988