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What Do You Really Know About Sleep?

A good night's sleep—everyone needs it, but not everyone gets it. We stay up late and get up early, and then wonder why we always feel tired. Why is sleep important? See how much you know about snoozing by taking this quiz.

1. The rapid eye movement (REM) sleep stage is when dreaming occurs. How often does REM happen during the night?
2. To function well, adults should average how much sleep a night?
3. How many Americans suffer from undiagnosed sleep disorders?
4. A sleepless night can have a similar effect on your ability to drive in morning rush-hour traffic as which of these?
5. Minor sleep deprivation can affect concentration, mood, and what else?
6. Sleepwalking tends to run in families. At what ages does it occur most often?

For all that we put ourselves through each day, we don’t always appreciate that our minds and bodies need a complete recharging at night to perform at the level we expect. At Valley Health Sleep Centers we diagnose and treat common sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and narcolepsy. In our state-of-the-art Centers we have helped hundreds of people overcome a sleep disorder and achieve the consistent, restorative rest they need for good health.

Valley Health Sleep Centers are conveniently located at all six of our Valley Health Hospitals:
• Winchester Medical Center, Winchester, VA
• Warren Memorial Hospital, Front Royal, VA
• Shenandoah Memorial Hospital, Woodstock, VA
• Page Memorial Hospital, Luray, VA
• Hampshire Memorial Hospital, Romney, WV
• War Memorial Hospital, Berkeley Springs, WV
To learn more about the diagnostic services we offer call (540) 536-8165 or have your referring doctor contact us for you. Your doctor or insurance carrier may require you to fill out an Epworth Sleepiness Assessment.