Cancer Survivorship/Rehabilitation Program

Valley Health offers outpatient services for cancer survivors from diagnosis throughout and after treatment. We have received STAR Program® certification in survivorship care through a nationally recognized program developed by Oncology Rehab Partners.


Cancer patients referred to our STAR Program are working with specially trained occupational, physical and speech therapists, nurses, exercise specialists and dietitians to address the unique health and quality of life issues of people who are undergoing treatment or living with unresolved problems from cancer treatment. These problems may include pain, general weakness, fatigue, balance problems, weight loss, lack of appetite, speech or swallowing issues and lymphedema.


Available Services:

        Occupational Therapy

        Physical Therapy

        Speech Therapy

        Nutritional Consultation

        Patient Navigation

        Palliative Care

        Fitness Services

        Integrative Care


If you think Valley Health’s STAR Program can help you, ask your physician for a referral. Many insurance companies will reimburse the cost of most of our survivorship services.


If you would like more information, please call the Patient Navigator for Cancer Services at 540-536-2551 or 855-984-4673.

To learn more about cancer rehabilitation, click here to access our Health Library.