SMH Services
Behavioral Health Services
Valley Behavioral Health Services at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital offers individual, couples, and family therapy and medication management. 

Cardiology Services
Outpatient cardiovascular care provided at Shenandoah Multi-Specialty Clinic located in the Medical Office Building adjoining the hospital.  

Cardiopulmonary Services
Inpatient and outpatient cardiac, respiratory and other diagnostic testing.

Community Sharps Program
The hospital offers disposal of full sharps containers free of charge to local residents. Participants may bring their full containers to a designated drop-off site at the hospital’s receiving area at the back of the building, off 9th Street, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. There are designated drop-off sites in the hospital’s main laboratory on the first floor and the Diabetes Management Clinic.

Diabetes Management
The Diabetes Management Program is an American Diabetes Association recognized program offering education on a variety of topics including type 1 and type 2 diabetes, medical nutrition therapy, insulin pump initiation and support, gestational diabetes and pre-diabetes, as well as assessments, adjustments and management, and classes on healthy eating and goal setting.

Emergency Services 
Shenandoah Memorial Hospital’s emergency department is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Valley Health offers alternatives to the Emergency Department for injuries and conditions not requiring immediate medical attention. In an effort to provide more convenient and timely care to patients with less complicated emergencies please visit Valley Health Urgent Care.

Family Birthing Care

Healthy Families-Shenandoah County
Healthy Families provides a variety of services to first time parents -- from parenting information and referral to one time home visits addressing individual needs to ongoing home visiting for those new families that would benefit from weekly support, education, and guidance in raising a healthy child in a safe and nurturing home environment. For more information, please visit  

Heart and Vascular Services
Shenandoah Memorial Hospital offers comprehensive imaging services to assist in diagnosing acute illness or injury and rule out or confirm health issues through routine screenings and special tests.

Home Health
Home Health professionals work closely with the patient, his or her family and physician to provide a wide range of services in the comfort of the home. Nursing services as well as physical, occupational and speech therapy are available. In addition, home health aides offer personal care to assist with activities of daily living and perform household chores.

Radiology/Medical Imaging Services
Shenandoah Memorial Hospital offers comprehensive imaging services to assist in diagnosing acute illness or injury and rule out or confirm health issues through routine screenings and special tests.

Orthopedic Services
Shenandoah Memorial Hospital offers orthopedic care including total joint replacement, treatment of sports-related injuries, hand surgery and therapy, musculoskeletal strains and sprains, trauma and fractures.

Rehabilitation Services
Shenandoah Memorial Hospital offers rehabilitation services including physical, occupational and speech therapy.  Services available in Woodstock, Strasburg and Mt. Jackson.

Sleep Lab
Diagnosis and treatment of common sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and narcolepsy. To learn more about specific sleep disorders and services offered, call (540) 536-8165.

Surgical Services
SMH offers both inpatient and outpatient surgery services. Outpatient, same-day surgery is provided in its new Shenandoah Surgery Center (SSC), adjoining the rear of the hospital and accessible by both Water Street and Main Street. The 15,000 square foot surgery center houses 18 pre- and post-op beds, two operating rooms, and an endoscopy room. It has a separate, covered entrance and convenient parking.

Swing Beds
Shenandoah Memorial Hospital's inpatient beds may be used as needed to provide either acute care or short-term skilled nursing care and rehabilitation (physical, occupational and speech therapy) after a hospitalization, illness or surgery for patients who are expected to be discharged home.

Wellness & Fitness Services
Valley Health is committed to helping the community stay active and healthy. A variety of programs, classes, screenings and services are available in Woodstock to help people prevent illness, learn about health, stay active and feel their best.

Wound Care Clinic 
Shenandoah Memorial Hospital's Wound Care Clinic provides outpatient treatment, education and support for patients who need wound care.