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Laura Stephens, PA

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  • Family Medicine
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4.7 out of 5 (287 Ratings, 33 comments)
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160 Merchant Street, Suite 100
Winchester, VA 22603
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Phone (540) 536-5560

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    Undergraduate School: The College of William and Mary
    Graduate School: DeSales University

    Areas of Interest

    Preventative medicine

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    160 Merchant Street, Suite 100
    Winchester, VA 22603
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    (540) 536-5560

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  • 4.7 out of 5 (287 Ratings )


    The doctor talk to me in a really great way. She was really polite, real explanatory. I think that's what I have that was worried about getting a good doctor when I left Dr. Rankin, and I think I made an excellent choice. There's nothing I would want to change. Thank you. Bye.
    Awesome staff
    Hi, this is my first time getting having a doctor in the area. I just moved here. I was very apprehensive cause I didn't know anyone or anything about the area and I was extremely, pleasantly, surprised and happy with the care and the kindness and that's pleasantness of the whole entire office. They were extremely helpful. At which I really needed at that time. I will absolutely recommend your facility to family and friends.
    They treated me as a person and not just the number that comes in the door.
    Like the promptness and the ability to fit me in to an appointment as quickly as possible.
    Changing my medical care to Laura Stephens, NP at Valley Health Family Medicine @ Rutherford Crossing was the best decision I have made in my health care! I am very happy with the care and respect I feel at this office and with this provider.
    I am unhappy with my case management. My provider told me she would call me with my bloodwork results Wednesday am and never did - it's been three days. I checked with the lab and they faxed the results twice to the Provider Wednesday am. Also, I was told I would be called to schedule a thyroid uptake scan Wednesday, and still have never been called to schedule the exam. I called and left a message at Rutherford Crossing Thursday and never heard from the Provider. I called the Amherst location (my original
    Waited for well over 1 hr
    This office exceeded my expectations. Nursing staff was very respectful and helpful. The provider was very focused and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend this office and provider to friends and family.
    Very good experience!! Very happy with all of it
    Very nice office. Wonderful staff. The P A was fantastic-the only concern I have with Winchester Family Practice is there no longer continuity and they did not inform me I no longer had my regular doctor that I have had for 12 years (and still works there)nor did I hear from that doctor-very disappointed in that.
    I just found it very disrespectful when I was talking to the doctor that the doctor kept yawning in my face, as if she could care less as to what I was saying. It seemed like she was more tired than... treating the issue that I had going on at the time. Every time I turn around she kept yawning and it was like I was boring her or I was actually interrupting maybe her nap time or whatever needed to happen during that time. Thank you.
    Laura was very attentive, caring and kind. All medical staff providers should model her.
    Laura Stephens was very professional, knowledgeable and polite. She made my experience at the clinic a very pleasant one.
    You can improve by giving patients their pain medications when they are obviously in pain and you see it. This is one thing that really needs to be addressed. There are people out here that need pain medications that can't get it because of some stupid people that don't know how to take it as prescribed. But for people that are in pain all the time and need it, now we can't get it. This is how you can improve your service to your patients. Thank you.
    Laura Stephens is one of the best providers I've ever had the pleasure of having my entire life. She's been my daughter and myself primary care physician since we started going to Valley Hope and she's made a difference in how I think of Valley Hope systems. Without her I think we would be lost and without her staff and her team we would not have been able to overcome the health obstacles that we have.
    Registration and checkout process is confusing and awkward.
    I'm looking to change providers because I'm tired of never seeing a doctor and always seeing an NP or PA.
    I appreciated the fact that I did not have a long wait time!
    Great place to go for medical attention. Sure beats the last place I went
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