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Maria J. LaPlante MD

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Maria J. LaPlante, MD

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  • Family Medicine (Board Certified)
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4.8 out of 5 (272 Ratings, 32 comments)
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    • Skin conditions

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    120 N. Commerce Ave., Suite 255
    Front Royal, VA 22630
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    (540) 635-0800

    (540) 635-0852

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    Secondary Office

    Valley Health Winchester Family Practice | Rutherford Crossing
    160 Merchant Street, Suite 100
    Winchester, VA 22603
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    (540) 536-5560

    (540) 536-5561

  • 4.8 out of 5 (272 Ratings )


    Yeah, the nurse on duty went above and beyond her call, very pleasant, very happy, smiling and enjoyed it.
    Everyone at this practice seemed very competent and friendly. All of my concerns were addressed, as well as Dr. LaPlante discovered other minor maladies that were addressed on the spot.
    It is helpful to have a dermatologist in Front Royal and not have to drive to Winchester. She was very friendly and very professional.
    I enjoyed interaction with intern. He appeared to be genuinely interested in what I had to say.
    I wanted to just say the nurse that works with Dr. Laplante was really super nice and very funny and easy to talk to really enjoyed meeting her and Dr. Laplante was wonderful as well, you know took my concerns too hard and and really put my my really made me feel better about some concerns. I was having so overall great experience. Thank you.
    I was treated with respect upon arrival at the time of check in handed in my paperwork I was asked to fill out which included medical history. I then had to inform the lady that I owed a copay. The nurse was very nice. Again I was asked my medical history which is not her fault, just doing her job. Which makes no sense of filling out the paperwork. Then in comes the resident doctor whom I was not impressed with and yet again had to go over all my medical history which was in the computer at this point and o
    I am so very happy to have Dr. Laplante as my primary provider. She is just wonderful ! Thank you !
    Excellent experience. I would highly recommend Dr. LaPlante to anyone with dermatology concerns. Her office staff is incredibly friendly and smart. It was a great experience.
    Dr. Laplante was awesome! Her nurse was also very nice!
    Dr. Laplante is the worst dermatologist I have ever met. She did not fully take care of my daughter. She seemed to not know what she was doing. She also came into the wrong patient room and said that it was okay for my daughter to live with a virus.
    I had an appointment at 9:30. It was 9:55 before the Dr. ever appeared. I mentioned that I was upset with the wait and got all kinds of excuses. It seems it is all right for Doctors to be late with appointments. I can understand that later on in the day appointment may be late, but I have a problem with late appointments at 9:30 in the morning. No apologize just excuses.I was told by the Doctor to get used to late appointments when seeing Doctors it was very common. I will follow my appointments to the end
    Everything was great. I have no complaints whatsoever. Thank you very much. Bye.
    Everyone was very nice and helpful
    Dr Laplante has a very nice manner Makes you feel at ease and is knowledgeable with her profession
    The office was wonderful. The girls were great, very friendly. The doctor was wonderful. It was a pleasant experience. Thank you very much.
    All afternoon cleaning up for our living room to look like this. You want to play, play in your room.
    My experience was very nice. It was a wonderful association to meet Dr. Laplante, but I'm still waiting on my prescription. I don't quite know what to do about that. She called it in and I don't know where it is at the moment. I'm a little concerned about that. It's been a number of days. Other than that her office was wonderful and the staff. I give her an excellent rating. I'm just confused why I haven't got feedback yet from my prescription so that I can be refilled. Thank you. Bye. Bye.
    Good experience. On time and on task. Top notch care.
    I did have a long wait. I think they were backed up about sn hour.
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