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Tracey Hoefler FNP-C, MPH

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Tracey Hoefler, FNP-C, MPH

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  • Breast Surgery
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4.8 out of 5 (519 Ratings, 63 comments)
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Valley Health Breast Center

400 Campus Boulevard, Suite 220
Winchester, VA 22601
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    Valley Health Breast Center

    400 Campus Boulevard, Suite 220
    Winchester, VA 22601
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  • 4.8 out of 5 (519 Ratings )


    The only place I will go to a cancer doctor and they treat you just like family.
    I gave the provider an 8, this was the first time I'd seen her. It was just to check up. I don't know her, and, you know, I'll have to see her, you know a few times before I feel comfortable making a decision about how good she is, so it's not that she didn't do a perfectly good job. She just was new to me, and I want to see her more than once before I give an, you know, too strong an opinion. Thank you. Bye. Bye.
    Everyone was most pleasant. The entire process was handled most efficiently.
    Yes, when I go to see one doctor, I expect to see that doctor. Not someone else and they need to do that. If not, I don't feel I should pay full price for that doctor because I'm seeing an amateur.
    My documentation makes reference to something that wasn't even discussed in the office. Wasn't aware of that until I got home and looked at the paperwork. That's very I've got to call back and wait for a response. Definitely shouldn't be that way.
    It was very pleasant everyone very nice
    I was really pleased with the way they treated me and everything was going and I felt good after I came back that they cared about me and I really really like that. So that that was something that I like they cared about me and and it was good. It really was.
    I left feeling upset for the rest of the day. Didnt see dr mingini saw the other doctor.
    I saw the Tracey Hoefler, NP. A year ago she took time to listen to me, seemed concerned, answered my questions and I would have biven her a 10. This time she hurried through the appointment. I had a question about when to reschedule. That question was complicated because I need to alternate care between this provider, and another. The other provider had gotten off schedule. She couldn't seem to understand. She asked me to explain, then cut me off in the middle of explaining. I was almost in tears by the ti
    Going to a doctor can be unnerving, but as soon as I walked into Dr. Minghini's office I was put at ease with the office staff. They were most helpful and friendly. My nurse makes me laugh and I love that - just wish I could remember her name. My nurse practitioner (and I think her name is Tracy) is absolutely FABULOUS! Love her like I do Dr. Minghini.
    This is always an excellent experience for me when I return to the breast center. thank you
    Very professional and caring group of ladies
    They always make me feel comfortable.
    The provider, Tracey Hoefler, was very very thorough and took a lot of time with me and explained everything. All the staff is just super. Thank you.
    Provider seemed to be in a hurry. In and out quickly. Not being seen for a year and meeting someone new to the practice, it would have been nice to have more time. A more genuine communication vs. hurried. It would be important to me to see that the doctors are communicating and this was not mentioned. It would be important to me that closer follow-up be given to someone with a stage III diagnosis. It would be important to me that the provider and my regular doctor would be in communication to establish and
    Great doctor and crew.
    This was my first visit with Nurse Provider, but have been a patient of the breast center for awhile. I was very impressed with the input for my current treatment plan and review of previous test. I am a complicated case and Tracey was well aware and educated on all diagnosis and of previous follow up. I have always been impressed with this practice from the front desk, nursing and medical providers, great job !
    I didn't have my doctor. I had the PA and... doctor. And she was very nice and attentive to my problems and she was very helpful. And I... you know, liked her very much. She was very good, I thought. And I had a PA instead of my regular doctor. Thank you.
    I always recommend this office to anyone who is looking for this type of medical assistance.
    Very professional...thanks!
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