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Tracey Hoefler FNP-C, MPH

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Tracey Hoefler, FNP-C, MPH

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  • Breast Surgery
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4.8 out of 5 (523 Ratings, 66 comments)
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400 Campus Boulevard, Suite 220
Winchester, VA 22601
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Phone (540) 536-5466

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    400 Campus Boulevard, Suite 220
    Winchester, VA 22601
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  • 4.8 out of 5 (523 Ratings )


    What a nightmare Valley Health Breast Center has been for me, whether the appointment is surgery or medical or office visit like a breast exam my blood pressure and pulse go up, and I don't even have blood pressure or pulse problems, very cold environment and negativity. I am so looking forward to Selma Medical Associates Incorporated and my medical doctor for breast exam some mammograms at Winchester Medical Center.
    I was very pleased with my service and I thank you for a prompt, appoint.....appointment and for my doctor. Thank you. Bye. Bye.
    It makes you feel good when everyone is so nice to you .
    I found my visit to be very very enlightening and for a yearly cancer visit it was the best it could be. Everybody was great.
    Thank you so much.
    This practice is the best experience I've ever had with a physician, from the minute you walk n the door.
    The PA gave me outstanding service, and I would recommend her to anybody.
    I was impressed by the waiting time and it was great service.
    The PA was very thorough. She took time to listen to me and all of my many questions, providing answers that I could understand and recommendations to better my health. She is a terrific doctor!
    The staff were exceptional and I had no problems with it at all. However, they should have the ability to control the temperatures in the room. I was having a breast exam and the room was cold. And from what I understand that they could not regulate the temperature in there and it would have been nice if they could have. When you are sitting there half naked, you last thing you want to do is feel like you're in the morgue or refrigerator. That's it.
    I thought everybody did an exceptional job from the receptionist to the nurse to the doctor. I think everybody did very well and made me feel welcome. And and they did a good job on taking care of the me the doctors and the nurse practitioner did a wonderful job. That's what I have to say.
    The only place I will go to a cancer doctor and they treat you just like family.
    I gave the provider an 8, this was the first time I'd seen her. It was just to check up. I don't know her, and, you know, I'll have to see her, you know a few times before I feel comfortable making a decision about how good she is, so it's not that she didn't do a perfectly good job. She just was new to me, and I want to see her more than once before I give an, you know, too strong an opinion. Thank you. Bye. Bye.
    Everyone was most pleasant. The entire process was handled most efficiently.
    Yes, when I go to see one doctor, I expect to see that doctor. Not someone else and they need to do that. If not, I don't feel I should pay full price for that doctor because I'm seeing an amateur.
    My documentation makes reference to something that wasn't even discussed in the office. Wasn't aware of that until I got home and looked at the paperwork. That's very I've got to call back and wait for a response. Definitely shouldn't be that way.
    It was very pleasant everyone very nice
    I was really pleased with the way they treated me and everything was going and I felt good after I came back that they cared about me and I really really like that. So that that was something that I like they cared about me and and it was good. It really was.
    I left feeling upset for the rest of the day. Didnt see dr mingini saw the other doctor.
    I saw the Tracey Hoefler, NP. A year ago she took time to listen to me, seemed concerned, answered my questions and I would have biven her a 10. This time she hurried through the appointment. I had a question about when to reschedule. That question was complicated because I need to alternate care between this provider, and another. The other provider had gotten off schedule. She couldn't seem to understand. She asked me to explain, then cut me off in the middle of explaining. I was almost in tears by the ti
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