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Timothy Gajewski MD

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Timothy Gajewski, MD

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  • Orthopedic Surgery (Board Certified)
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4.4 out of 5 (293 Ratings, 44 comments)
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120 N. Commerce Ave., Suite 103
Front Royal, VA 22630
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Phone (540) 635-0820

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    • Arthritis

    • Complex Hip Disorders

    • Fractures

    • Total Joint Replacement

    • Trauma

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    120 N. Commerce Ave., Suite 103
    Front Royal, VA 22630
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  • 4.4 out of 5 (293 Ratings )


    Yes, he asked me to find out some information. I needed to know for my operation previous and I appreciated that. He helped me get some information. I needed to know.
    Yeah, I think the doctor treated me really unfair.
    Yes, they did a good job but I'm still in pain.
    Hi, my comment is about the fact that my son had a sprained ankle and before the doctor was in to see him they were going to x-ray him and not, it wasn't necessary because it wasn't a break. So I felt like the doctor should have seen him before the x-ray technician came in and just did routine x-rays. So I didn't really like that. I don't think that was very professional. Anyway, that's my comment. Thank you.
    You guys did great service. The only problem I had I had a referral from my doctor to see my elbow too. I thought he was going to refer my elbow issue. And they told me they couldn't see me there because you know, I only one body, body part of the time. So that was my only problem. I'm going to schedule another visit to come there because I couldn't get any feedback on my elbow. I got great feedback on my knee but not on my elbow, which was my concern too, but I'm just going to reschedule another visit.
    I saw Dr. Gajewski and I was very impressed with him. He's going to do my knee replacement. I went to him for a second opinion and was... very much more satisfied. Than the first doctor I went to. Looking forward to getting rid of the pain and a new knee, you guys are great.
    Orthopedic doctors seem to lack knowledge was not concerned with my injury seem to have made up his mind was not interested in my concerns probably could have done that visit over the phone which defeats the purpose
    Great place very punctual not happy with the protocols. In pain, on a cane, cant put pressure on one leg and all the doc can give for pain is alleive or advil.
    I'm a hundred percent disabled vet. He had no interest in my history. He had no interest in my limitations that I'm currently going through. He had no interest in my case whatsoever. He did not even look at my file before coming in my room. It was the worst possible provider I have ever had in my life, made me, very, he was very dismissive. Will never, ever, ever come back to that place again.
    The staff was friendly and knowledgeable. It is so nice to have ortho Dr's finally in Front Royal. '
    Yes, I had great experience. My doctor had retired so this one taken over and I like you very very but I'll to secretary was more than helpful. And yes, I will recommend him to anybody. Thank you. Bye.
    For some one with mobility problems they were very attentive and professional. they made me feel at ease. they understood my issues.
    The doctor and staff were great
    Except for the pain I was in.... not from the team, existing pain. it was a perfect experience.
    Very professional....I am happy!!
    The Dr was very caring and made me at ease.
    Everything went just fine … He was able to answer all my questions and give me good feedback on what I needed to do. And I would recommend this company to anybody.
    This doctor that saw me about a possible broken arm did not listen to anything that I had to say. I told him that my arm snapped and he kept saying it was probably arthritis. He did not want to take an xray. He was not concerned so I walked around with a broken arm for three weeks.
    Well, excuse me, but the employees and the nurses and the doctors were really, really good to me and I appreciate all the care they gave me.
    The email notifications sent prior to appointments are obviously "one size fits all" bring everything every time which does nothing to instill patient confidence. Suggest a more tailored approach be considered.
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